A Q&A with Union J


– August 2015 –

Union J are a pop boyband, formed in 2012 on famous talent show ‘The X Factor’, with members consisting of Josh Cuthbert, Jaymi Hensley, JJ Hamblett, and George Shelley. Before their performance at Fusion Festival 2015 in Birmingham, I had the pleasure of interviewing the band – talking all things from future collaborations to crazy fan experiences!

Q:  When is the next single out?

George: New Year, we’re recording it at the moment.

Josh: After New Year we’re going to do a couple of cool songs, the tour and stuff we’ve got coming up, and then release it on iTunes by the beginning of New Year.

JJ: You’ll love it.

Jaymi: We’ve heard it!

George: We’ve heard it and it’s so good!

Q: Is it fast?

George: It is fast!

JJ: Yep.

Q: So, who would you say is the best air guitarist in the band?

George: I tend to air guitar quite a lot, even in songs that don’t have guitar, I’m standing there like – yep – definitely a piano!

Josh: George is the only one who can play the guitar so I would probably say George.

Q: What’s one of the maddest things a fan has ever said to you?

George: Where do you live, or can you make me pregnant! A women asked Josh can you make my daughter pregnant.

Jaymi: She’s out there (in the audience) holding a sign saying can you impregnate me!

Josh: She should be chucked out!

George: ‘Can you make my daughter pregnant’ – they were the words.

Josh: With her daughter standing there by the way!

Q: If there was one person at Fusion who you could collaborate with, who would it be?

George: Ed Sheeran!

JJ: Ed Sheeran!

Jaymi: Adam Lambert for me. Listen to that! *Sound of his performance in the background* That’s a man singing that high, it’s ridiculous! He’s got the most incredible voice.


Interview conducted via competition and contact with Fusion Festival 2015. In collaboration with Vimto.